Our pigs live on pasture and in our woodlot. In addition to their organic grain, they hunt in the grass for bugs, roots and anything else that looks delicious. They have a shelter for shade from the sun and protection from rain and always have access to clean, fresh water. Since pigs can't sweat, we make a wallow for them on hot days and they enjoy splashing in the mud to cool off. 

Our pigs are an integral part of our grazing rotation. They root up the ground and expose even more bugs and grubs for the chickens.
Pork Chops: $12.75/lb
Spare Ribs: $14/lb
Country Style Ribs: $12.75/lb
Shoulder Roast: $11.50/lb
Bacon: $13.50/lb
Breakfast Sausage: $13.50/lb
Hot Italian Sausage: $13.50/lb
Fat Back (for making lard): $3/lb
Kidney Fat (for making lard): $3/lb
Offal: $5/lb
Methods of payment

We accept credit cards, local checks, and cash.