Pasture Raised Chickens

We are thrilled to offer 100% organically fed, pasture raised chicken. We believe that chicken should be raised the way nature intended: outside and eating a varied, nutritious diet.

Our chickens spend their first few weeks of life in a brooder. This gives them a warm and safe place to grow into their adult feathers. As soon as those feathers come in, the chickens are ready to go outside.

They live in portable chicken coops with an open floor. This protects them from predators while allowing them access to bugs, grubs and grass. We move their coops to fresh grass at least once a day. They have shelter in their coop to get out of the rain, wind and sun if they choose. Otherwise, on a nice day, you can see them enjoying the sunshine as they scratch at the ground.

We supplement what they find in the pasture with 100% organic grain from a local grain company. They have constant access to clean water.

We use intensive rotational grazing to keep our soil and grass healthy. The chickens follow behind the sheep, goats and pigs. The larger animals eat most of the grass, which exposes bugs and insects for the chickens. This system allows the animals to work together to promote health in their own diets and our fields.

We raise a breed called Freedom Rangers, which was developed in France and is now used in America as an alternative to hybridized breeds. These chickens grow more slowly and have darker, leaner meat. They are full of flavor and a personal favorite.


Under 3.0 lbs: $17.50
3.0-3.9 lbs: $19.95
4.0-4.9 lbs: $24.95
5.0-5.9 lbs: $29.95
Above 6.0 lbs: $34.95

Methods of payment

We accept credit cards, local checks, and cash.