Our Farming Practices

There are probably as many different farming methods as there are farms.  When we started farming, we committed ourselves  to practices that promote health in our animals, fertility in our soil and satisfaction in our customers. This means that we don't often do things the 'easy way', like spraying crops or confining animals, which have lowered food costs for years on other farms.  

We don't spray our crops, since we don't think chemical use is a sustainable method to grow food, nor is it healthy for the consumer or the environment.  If we are faced with an overwhelming pest problem and choose to spray, we will label that product in the store with the necessary information for you to make an informed choice as to whether you would like to eat it.

We believe in the highest standards of animal husbandry practices.  Our pigs spend their days rooting in our woodlot, wallowing in mud, and sunning themselves on pasture.  Our sheep and goats eat exclusively grass, which is their natural food source and which keeps them healthy and happy.  We rotate their pastures daily so that the fields don't get exhausted, and so they are always on fresh grass. Our chickens are in 'chicken tractors' which are mobile coops that we move every morning.  This allows them protection from predators, access to pasture, and fresh air while being protected from inclement weather.

These practices are what we believe make a farm sustainable in the long run, reducing environmental degredation and producing the highest quality food available.  The trade-off for this position can often be the price of our products.  To help us keep our costs down, since food should be affordable, consider buying a CSA share, paying with cash or a check, bringing back your egg cartons, and supporting us during the winter and spring when costs can be high and income low.

Our goal is to leave this land in a more improved health than when we started farming.  We're continually inspired by the local, sustainable food movement and are excited to support it.

Methods of payment

We accept credit cards, local checks, and cash.