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Posted 6/11/2009 4:58pm by Eleanor Kane.

We are closed Friday June 12th.

The farmstand will next open Saturday June 13th with fresh picked strawberries, spinach, large leafy heads of lettuce and swiss chard.  Also available: 6 paks of fennel, cilantro, dill and feverfew and 4 paks of the specialty cut flower lisianthus.

Due to the cool weather of the past few days and the next few days at least, we don't expect the strawberries to come on enough to start any "pick your own" as anticipated by June 15th. We don't know when the berries will load up enough. Please scroll down thru the previous blogs to the "Warren Farm Newsletter" for more information on how we are managing the strawberries this year as it is different from past years.


Posted 6/10/2009 7:02am by Eleanor Kane.

Wednesday we'll be open 10am to 6pm with fresh picked strawberries, spinach, large leafy heads of lettuce and swiss chard. The cool weather has slowed down the ripening of the berries and the growth of the greens. We may run out of spinach and swiss chard if we sell a lot early in the day. We have many heads of lettuce in the field and don't expect to run low on it.  Because of the slowdown of ripening on the berries we expect we'll be closed tomorrow. I don't know about Friday at this time.

We are glad it's raining as all the fields were dry. Randy had the irrigation running a lot the past 10 days, however it never seems to do as well as mother nature.

Posted 6/7/2009 3:44pm by Eleanor Kane.

Monday we will be closed.

Tuesday we'll be open with fresh picked strawberries, spinach, large leafy heads of lettuce and swiss chard.


Posted 6/6/2009 7:46pm by Eleanor Kane.

We will have fresh picked strawberries for the farmstand along with big leafy heads of lettuce. The berries are coming along with this sunny weather and will increase in amount with time. Today if the demand far exceeds our supply this early in the season, we will run out of berries and close down for the day. Our spinach and swiss chard need some time to come back on as some of the bed was food for the deer a few nights ago.  Needless so say, Randy spent part of yesterday afternoon setting up electric fencing around that  field.  The deer ate the largest leaves and not the whole plant, so a few days of growth will find us back with a good supply of both.

Posted 6/5/2009 8:12am by Eleanor Kane.

The 2009 Warren Farm season will bring a major change to how we manage strawberry season. Our efforts will be focused on providing already picked strawberries at the farmstand and we will only offer Pick Your Own strawberries if the berries get too numerous for us to pick.  Starting soon we will have steady open hours at our farmstand with fresh picked strawberries, spinach, swiss chard and lettuce.

The past few years it has been unmanageable to offer PYO strawberries due to the demand far exceeding the supply and challenging growing conditions. We regret that this decision will disappoint many of our customers, but the past strawberry seasons have been very challenging for us and we debated whether to have strawberries at all. For quite a few years the PYO strawberries have not been profitable due to excessive rain or heat.  Any PYO we offer will be by sign up only and will most likely be managed thru having you call the farm phone on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, from 5 to 7pm. We will take a set amount of people for the next available picking and when we have enough we will stop taking names for that day. The earliest this could happen is Monday June 15.  We did have success last year with annual strawberries and have planted many more but, they also will be primarily already picked. We picked on the annual strawberries last year from July 8 to October 23.  To find pick your own strawberry farms in NH check or

In our local area, Fosters Daily Democrat has a farm ad area in Thursday’s paper on a weekly basis.

Our Pick your own Raspberry season will open soon after the first of July. They are in good shape and our expansion area will be at about 50% production this year. This should expand the available PYO hours on the raspberries.  Approx mid to late July we will begin having our tomatoes and sweet corn at the farmstand. As soon as the tomatoes come on strong, we will begin our PYO tomatoes. Again this year we will offer “pick your own” tomatoes at $1.00 per lb red or green.  At our farm stand throughout the summer we will offer when available, our own lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, beets, onions, broccoli, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, flowers and herbs. When we do not have particular produce available, we may offer produce from Heron Pond Farm and Nippo Brook farm.  

Yes, we have Lisianthus this year in 4 colors, all sold in biodegradable 4 paks.


June 28th is Barrington’s Open Farm Tour Day.  We have 10 or 11 Barrington Farms participating this year and a printable brochure and map will be ready soon.


Later this year we will host the first annual “Natural Heritage Agricultural Fair” September 12th, 2009.  Barrington has had a Natural Heritage Fair for several years, however this year the Natural Heritage commission has partnered up with local farms and the Barrington Recreation Department. This is a big event with a farmer’s market, local artisans, children’s activities, prepared food from local farms, donkey drawn hay rides, animals, educational displays, historical reenactments, educational lectures and more. 

We are, and I speak for all involved, very excited about this event and fliers are printing as I type. More will be revealed very soon.

Posted 6/4/2009 3:51pm by Eleanor Kane.

We will have fresh picked strawberries, spinach, lettuce and swiss chard.  We will attempt to keep berries on the farmstand all day, however this is the very biginning of the season and the beds are not on full yet. Sometimes the demand exceeds the supply. We will be open until 4pm even if we run out of berries.

The asparagus season is over.  I miss it already!


Posted 6/2/2009 7:38am by Eleanor Kane.

We will have fresh picked asparagus, spinach, lettuce and the first swiss chard. This will be the last day we offer asparagus for this season. It's time to allow the asparagus to go to seed.  We have been picking lettuce and spinach from inside the greenhouse, however now the first of the field grown plantings are ready. I made a stir fry last night with asparagus, spinach and swiss chard and will add it to the recipe section. 

The last 6 weeks found me over in the Northern corner of Barrington every Monday evening as part of a discussion course titled " Menu For The Future".  The course book is from the Northwest Earth Institute and consisted of 6 sessions each with readings. Here is a few of the session topics : What's Eating America, Anonymous Food, Farming for the Future, Towards a Just Food System and more. Each weeks reading included short stories, excerps from books and articles from people such as Wendell Berry, Eliot Coleman, Barbara Kingsolver and many more people. These course is about prompting discussion about how our food choices impact all of us.  I will write more soon.

Posted 5/29/2009 9:18am by Eleanor Kane.

We will not open on Saturday as planned because the asparagus slowed down too much from the cool weather. Randy went out to cut it and came back with only one handful from both beds. When it warms up over the next few days we will have more to cut and we plan on having enough for next Wednesday June 3rd.  We will also have lettuce, spinach and maybe the first swiss chard. I will have biodegradable fiber 6 paks of Lisianthus, fennel, cilantro, dill and feverfew ready within 2 weeks. We still have 4" pots of tomatoes for sale as well.

Soon the strawberries will be ready! We are preparing a new newsletter and will explain more about how we expect to manage the PYO end of the strawberries. Most likely we will ask you to call to get on the list for picking on the next available day. When the list is full for that day we will stop taking names.   In this way we will be able to manage how many people come to pick.  We will be answering the phone during the predetermined time and be able to answer any questions you have. More info is in the works.

Posted 5/22/2009 9:06am by Eleanor Kane.

We have been open Wednesdays and Saturdays for a few weeks and will next be open Wed May 27th 10-6 with our asparagus, spinach, leaf lettuce and 4" pots of tomato plants.  Saturday May 30th will most likely be our last day selling asparagus for this season. Saturday hours are 10 - 3pm.  Soon field grown swiss chard and more lettuce varieties will be ready.

We have plenty of vegetable based handmade soap in the soap rack.


 We hope to have ready picked strawberries within 10 days or so.  We will have adequate prepicked strawberries on the farmstand thru-out the whole summer, last year we picked until mid October.  In the past 10 years the PYO strawberry demand has exceeded our supply by a great amount. This has been due primarily to adverse growing conditions, ie weather.  This year we want to attempt to manage the PYO strawberries in a way that is less stressful to you and to us. For example, many mornings during past seasons we would open at 7am and have far to many customers for the size of the bed. The strawberry bed gets too crowded and people are unhappy, especially those that arrive only 30 minutes afer we've opened. We dislike turning people away but we can not allow people to overpick the beds. So far our solution is PYO strawberries by appointment only. This applies to PYO strawberry season only, not the PYO raspberries and does not apply to the prepicked strawberries unless you have a large order.   We have not worked out the details yet and please do not call and attempt to leave reservations yet. We will send out another email with details soon.  If you have any great ideas or simply shudder at this idea please call us or email us with your solutions.


These wonderful first vegetables of spring have not required any organic or synthetic pesticides. If these crops were grown in California at 50 acres each or even 150 acres each, there is a good chance some sort of organic or synthetic pesticide would be required. This is usually due to the fact that the large farms in California use the same land over and over resulting in increased insect and disease pressure. They are not able, or choose not to, rotate and cover crop the way small farms do. When ever you see the pesticide charts depicting the fruits and vegetables that are highest in pesticides, please remember those charts are for very large farms and not our smaller local farms. This is very important and will free you up from feeling trapped as to your fresh food choices from  May to October. We are very blessed in New England to have the wide assortment of small farms to visit that offer healthy fresh foods. Your body will say thank -you when you eat local. 


Save the date as June 28th 2009 is Barrington's 2nd Open Farm Tour Day from 10-3pm. At least seven of our town's farms are participating and will be open for tours. Come on out and meet the farmers, take a tour, ask questions. Strawberry desserts will be offered for a fee here at Warren farm. Soon fliers will be posted about town and on line with specific activities listed for each farm.  The 7 farms vary in what they produce, from heirloom poultry and eggs, specialty cut flowers, alpaca products, locally grown beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, pork and more.
We have planted a lot more of the day neutral strawberries this year and will discuss them to anyone interested. We will also be open to discussing cutting back on our carbon footprint by purchasing locally grown food.  We picked berries from last years crop of day neutrals from early July to mid October. Fresh berries all summer and they tasted wonderful.

Posted 5/22/2009 8:29am by Eleanor Kane.

We will have 1lb bags of our asparagus @ 3.50 each, simpson leaf lettuce at 1.50 each and bags of spinach at 3.00 each.

We also have several varieties of tomato plants in 4" pots.

Please your body, Eat local!

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