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Posted 7/25/2009 7:41pm by Eleanor Kane.

We will open Sunday for Pick Your Own Raspberries at 8am until 1pm with very good to excellent picking. On Monday the hours will be 8am - 6pm. We are loaded with berries, all varieties are on now and we do not anticipate having to close early due to lack of berries.

On the farmstand we have spinach, swiss chard, kale, carrots, onions and fresh picked raspberries. Every morning we have a limited supply of cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini.  By Monday we should have more fresh picked strawberries, although not a large quantity yet.

The price for PYO raspberries is $3 per pint and for fresh picked raspberries it is $6 per pint.

Call the farm phone is additional information is required at 868.2001

Posted 7/24/2009 7:23pm by Eleanor Kane.

We  will open at 8am with loads of ripe raspberries ready for picking. The green beans and some yellow beans will be open for PYO also. There are some very pretty calendula and other flowers ready for cutting . Also the Dill and Cilantro are ready for cutting.

The farmstand will have fresh picked strawberries, raspberries, carrots, kale, swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes and spinach.  Some of our produce is not in large abundance and may run out during the morning.I will see if I can find any lettuce, but we may be in between plantings.

Always call the farm phone at 868.2001 if you can not be here until later in the day, however there is so many berries that I do not think we will get picked off.

Posted 7/21/2009 10:19am by Eleanor Kane.


We have fresh picked strawberries at $3/pint and raspberries at $6/pint on the farmstand today, Thursday July 23. To pick your own raspberries costs $3/pint.

The radar showed a large amount of rain moving into our area Tuesday morning at 7am resulting in our decision to stay closed today. The beds are loading up with ripe raspberries and we will open at 8am tomorrow Wednesday July 22nd with excellent picking conditions. It will take a large crowd to change the conditions which means we will most likely be open all day until 6pm. I still recommend calling to check the conditions before driving out just in case we do close down the beds.  The last few years we were only able to stay open an hour or two at most before getting picked off, however we have  al lot more raspberry rows this year and are able to stay open much longer.

We hope to stay open every day with regular hours, however the berries determine the farmstand hours until we have more vegetables to sell. The cut your own flower and herb area is open. Yesterdays blog lists what is available.

  I  am very excited to announce the website address for the fair we are hosting September 12, 2009.  The address is:

The goal is for you to be able to view the fair website and to see the listing of local farmers, crafters, educators, food vendors, reenactors, musicians and more as we progress toward the event date. In this way we hope to increase awareness of all the local product and talent close to home.

On the same note,  we are still searching for a few more local artisans such as a local potter.  The few I called will be on vacation and I am sure there must be some others out there that make beautiful pottery. Please call me, Heather, on the farm phone at 868-2001 if you are interested.

Posted 7/20/2009 10:56am by Eleanor Kane.

We have enough raspberries to be open everyday it seems. Today we are open until 6pm with very good picking conditions. If we get a steady stream of people picking the beds the conditions will drop down to good picking however the long awaited heat is ripening berries quickly and we have not had a large crowd today. The picking is great.

Tomorrow depends on the rain. If it is raining out steadily we will not open. Call the farm phone at 868-2001 after 7:30am to check.

I have Calendula, Pentzia gold buttons, feverfew, dill and cilantro ready in the Cut Your Own Garden.

 We started the day with lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, carrots.

We also have fresh Picked raspberries on the farmstand today. We do not have them everyday.

Posted 7/18/2009 3:01pm by Eleanor Kane.

We will be open Sunday July 19th at 8am with very good picking conditions.   The latest we will be open is 1pm this Sunday. It is supposed to be a beautiful day and we may have lots of people arrive to pick. We will shut down the beds when all the ripe berries are picked off. This may happen before 1pm, however there are many ripe berries ready for picking and they are yummy.   Always call to check hours if arriving later in the morning.


Posted 7/15/2009 3:02pm by Eleanor Kane.

During raspberry season it is best to always call before coming.  You may call the night before on the farm phone at 868-2001 to find out if we are picking the next morning. I update the website almost everyday, however the phone is updated continually. Previous blogs have lots of information posted and are easily accessible. If it is raining in the morning we delay our start until the rain stops. If not sure call the farm phone after 7:30am for an update. We will be open at 8am if it's not raining. Today Saturday July 18th we will start the morning  with very good to possibly excellent picking conditions.

 We will only pick until the ripe berries are picked off. This depends on the amount of people that show up to pick.  We will have lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, kale and cucumbers on the farmstand. The cukes and tomatoes may run out.

Today at the farmstand we have Josh from Spring Harvest Maple Farm with his maple syrup.


Posted 7/13/2009 9:01pm by Eleanor Kane.

For now the raspberry availibility is dictating the hours of the farmstand. This means that when the raspberries are picked off the farm will close until the next picking. When all the varieties are on, we expect to be able to stay open all day and not close down early. This may happen later this week, however we are not sure if the berries will slow down ripening due to the temperatures in the low seventies instead of typical July mid eighty temperatures.

Today when we picked we had lots of berries that were ripe and many more that were almost ripe. We shut down the beds sometime around 10:30am as customers were coming out stating that the ripe berries were picked off. Since we will stay closed until Wednesday we will have better picking than we started out with this morning.

Randy will have a few pints of strawberries Wednesday morning, however the day neutrals won't have lots of ripe strawberries for 2 to 3 weeks. When the next round is ready we should be having lots for the farmstand everyday.

I'll have fresh picked lettuces, carrots, sickling cukes, swiss chard and kale at the farmstand. The pick your own herb garden has tall Dill and Cilantro ready for picking. The feverfew is almost ready and I harvested several bunches of the dried flower ammobium yesterday. The calendula is begining to flower and has two varieties/colors. My basils are very short and not ready for harvest.

The larger of our two "pick your own" tomato patches has about 800 plants that made it thru the wet weather, however some of them are stunted and will never make up what was lost.  This past week Randy and Earl finished planting several hundred tomatoes in another patch that we will use for a backup late season patch. We have tomatoes growing in the greenhouse now too. We have been picking pickling cukes from a planting we put in the greenhouse. Thank goodness for those as the field cukes haven't liked the excessive cool temperatures and look sort of peckish. Many field crops yellow and stunt with continuous cool temperatures as they can not uptake crucial nutrients, especially calcium. This results in blossom end rot on zuchinni and late blight on tomatoes. Side dressing with calcium nitrate or even calcium tablets for your potted tomatoes will assist to ward off these diseases.

I also have beautiful budded up lisianthus in 3 colors ready to go and a good supply of my all vegetable based herbal soaps.


Posted 7/12/2009 6:41am by Eleanor Kane.

The farm is closed today and will next be open Monday at 8am. We will stay open only until the raspberries are picked off and then will close until the next picking which may not be until Wednesday. We never know how many people will arrive to pick and the farm could stay open until 6pm. Always call before setting out to the farm to save you an unnecessay drive. Later this week when more varieties of raspberries ripen we expect to be open all day.

The day neutral strawberries are setting new berries and will increase in availibility in a few weeks. For now we expect to have only a small amount of fresh picked strawberries on the farmstand every few days or so. They seem to peak in August and into September and then slowly decrease until mid October.  The June bearing berries are all but done for this season and that is why we have fewer strawberries for the farmstand at this time.

Monday, in addition to PYO raspberries,  we will have fresh picked strawberries, lettuces, Kale and carrots on the farmstand. I don't know how many strawberries we will have,  however there will be some to start the day.

Posted 7/9/2009 3:32pm by Eleanor Kane.

The raspberries have been picked on today by a few people. We have 3 different areas with berries now. Because they won't be ripe enough tomorrow for picking and our strawberries are not ripenig quickly, we will actually be closed tomorrow, Friday July 10th.  The weather sounds wonderful and the day off will give us a chance to plant many flats of vegetable and flowers seedlings that have been sitting in the greenhouse.   We've been waiting for a dry spell to plant them out.

 We will open Saturday at 8am with early season picking conditions on the early varieties of raspberries. IF you can't arrive until later in the morning and hope to pick raspberries, I would call first as we sometimes get quite a crew of pickers in here and once all the ripe berries are picked off we will close the beds for ripening. Later next week there will be more varieties ready for picking and the beds will sustain a larger crowd for a longer period of time. 

The farmstand will also be stocked with fresh picked strawberries, swiss chard, kale and several types of lettuce. I don't know if the carrots and beets will be larger enough for harvest, but if they are we will have some of them also.


Posted 7/8/2009 11:43am by Eleanor Kane.

We will open the raspberry patches at 8am July 9th. The berries have been ripening slowly over the last several days and we have had only a couple of people pick from them and no one has been in the bed either yesterday or today as we are saving them for tomorrow.   If you arrive later in the day chances are they will be closed for ripening, however we never know if people are coming until they get here. I always suggest calling if you can not get here until later in the morning or afternoon. The raspberry availibility will increase over time and we should have some great picking over the next few weeks. The season usually lasts 4 to 5 weeks with peak picking sometime in the middle of that time frame. Of course the weather runs the show around here and we are always trying to guess what type of conditions will occur in the future. Cooler temperatures slow ripening which can force us to close the patches for 1 or 2 days.     Reveille and Killarney are the early raspberry varieties we have ready.

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