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Posted 5/23/2010 10:28am by Heather Warren.

In a week to 10 days Randy expects to have enough ripe berries to begin our fresh picked strawberry season.  Please check back for updates.

Posted 5/20/2010 8:56am by Heather Warren.

The farmstand will be open Saturday May 22nd from 10am -3pm.  We are unsure when we will be open next.   Asparagus goes quickly somedays so I am not sure I will have it until 3pm. We have several varieties of tomato plants in 4" pots. Other vegetable starts include a red and a green lettuce in fiber 6paks and swiss chard.  We also have annual flower starts to include a sunflower called Tithonia that is multi branching, brilliant deep orange, and at least 6' tall and a new Rubeckia in a cherry red color.  Soon we will have various zinnias and many colors of lisianthus in fiber 6 paks.

Randy is almost done pruning the raspberries and I have been planting hundreds of sunflowers this morning.  I will be planting out a few hundred every 2 weeks so to have them late July into early fall.  I have not sold sunflowers the last few years however after having customers ask for them I decided to give them a try.  I am growing several varieties of the "Sun" series along with Sonya and  Tithonia.

Posted 5/17/2010 4:37pm by Heather Warren.

I thought it pertinent to say a few words about the news story on Good Morning America today. It was about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD and a possible link to a class of pesticides called Organophosphates or OP. Pesticides containing OP are widely used on extremely large farms such as we see out west.  As relevant, many pesticide sprays for residential lawn care and termite control contain OP.  You will find other organophosphates in the pesticide section of your local home and garden center. Among the brand names to look for are Malathion and Diazinon.

It is interesting that our country with its low spray attitude as compared to most of the world continues to see increasing rates of ADHD.  I must remember that this is one study only and not conclusive evidence.

Do any of you remember the Allar scare. Allar, hope I'm spelling it correctly, was used by the apple industry back in the early 80's or so. A study came out, one study mind you stating something detrimental about the use of Allar and the news media picked up on the story, said don't let your kids drink apple juice anymore. That was the beginning of the decline of the apple industry in this country. The study was found to be erroneous but the damage was done. Now most if not all of the apple juice you purchase in the store comes from China. How do you like them apples!!!!!! 

My point, be cautious and read scientific journals for your information. Interestingly, Malathion is approved for organic use on crops that are going across state lines. What I mean is organic produce shipped in from California or any other state is sprayed with some sort of insecticide and Malathion is the usual choice as it breaks down with light and O2 very quickly. So, if approved for organic use it can't be that bad, right??????

Bottom line, we don't use OP here at the Warren Farm.

Posted 5/14/2010 3:49pm by Heather Warren.

The cold temperatures on Monday evening into Tuesday morning stopped the growth of the asparagus temporarily.  Therefore, we will not be open this weekend.  In the past the asparagus has resumed growth. We hope this occurs with the upcoming warmer weather. Call the farm phone at 868.2001 or check back here mid week for an update.

The last thursday in May is the first Northwood farmers market in the afternoon. We expect to be there with lettuces, spinach, perhaps strawberries and beet greens. I will have fiber paks of red and green lettuce and swiss chard Bright Lights mix combined with Ford Hook swiss chard for sale. At this time I am unsure if Randy will be open here at the farm while I am away at the farmers market.

 In several weeks we will be ready to begin selling our fiber 6 paks of Lisianthus in various colors. Last year I sold them in 4 paks, however this year we have a larger size biodegradable fiber pak that will hold 6 plugs. 

We have about 1200 zinnias to plant out in the field for the cutting garden along with several other varieties of flowers. I cut from the cutting garden and make up bouquets for those that don't wish to cut their own.  This year we are growing many sunflowers too.

Posted 5/5/2010 8:07am by Heather Warren.

Laast week we received 12,000 strawberry plants and 2,200 christmas trees from UPS.  We have been planting everyday. I also have spinach, several lettuces, and two varieties of swiss chard in the field.

Our asparagus is coming up and I expect, although not absolutely sure, to have some for sale this weekend. I don't know if it will be enough to have farm hours as we have a list of folks already calling for it. Our asparagus has always been grown without any pesticides.

Posted 4/10/2010 3:30pm by Eleanor Kane.

Today I had the fun experience of helping out at the Heron Pond Farm booth during the farmers market at Exeter High School.   It was very encouraging to see the demand from the customers for the spinach, mesclun mix, beet greens, swiss chard, leeks and root crops. It was very busy and I had a great time working with Angela and her mother Susan.  I overdosed on hot Chai tea from the White Heron Tea and Food booth. Wow is that good!

Now that I am back home it is back to sowing seeds in flats in the hoophouse and weeding the garlic.  We have spinach, swiss chard, beets, red and green lettuce, tomatoes and carrots already sprouted. Every week I sow multiple flats of various greens, beets and carrots as we plan on stocking our farmstand and our booth at the Thursday afternoon farmers market in Northwood. I can hardly wait to get them in the field. We have been waiting for the field to dry out so as to get soil samples. 

Barrington's Open Farm Tour day will be Sunday, June 27th this year.

Starting in July we will have a booth on the green at the Christmas Dove. We are calling it the Barrington Community Market. There will be music, crafts, farmers selling fresh produce and berries and more.  For now this event is slated for the 1st Wednesday of July, August and September. Perhaps if the demand is strong enough we could have it more often throughout the summer months?


Thursday is soap making day and this week I made a batch of castile soap. I infused the water and oil with chammomile and spearmint in hopes of imparting a slight herbal scent. I also made a batch of Coffee Mint Kitchen soap.  It is made with real coffee, coffee grounds and peppermint essential oil. Coffee Mint Kitchen soap washes your hands free from the scents of foods such as fish and garlic. This recipe makes a good hard bar and it smells like a peppermint patty.



Posted 3/30/2010 7:51pm by Eleanor Kane.

The last few weeks finds us sowing seeds in flats.
For now we have sown tomatoes, lettuces, swiss chard, carrots, onions, beets and don't forget the flowers.

We will have 4 colors of Lisianthus this year availible early June in fiber 4 paks.

New this year is garlic and it is poking up already.

We expect to have more strawberries for the farmstand and also our newest raspberry bed should produce more than last year.

Posted 1/15/2010 2:06pm by Eleanor Kane.

Thank-you to all our customers that frequented our farm over the course of the 2009 season. We can not do this without you and we are extremely grateful to each one of you. Randy and I are looking thru seed catalogs and also researching a grant to defray the cost of constructing a hoophouse to aid in season extension of crops.

Randy and Earl have been cutting and splitting firewood and it will be for sale when they have several cords stocked up.

To purchase soap directly from the farmstand please call the farm phone at 868.2001. The answering machine will pick up, however as you leave a message we will pick up.

I have designed a few everlasting wreaths and will soon have pictures of them on the website. I dried a lot of flowers over the 2009 season and will be assembling wreaths and bark cones filled with dried flowers every week.


Posted 12/14/2009 8:02pm by Eleanor Kane.

We are open 6 days per week from 9am - dusk (about 4:30pm), closed on Mondays. Our newest patch still has Blue Spruce and Fir Balsam up to 7 foot tall. The trees do not always look as tall with the snow and the wide open space. It is not a bad idea to bring a tape measure. 

 We have a few handmade wreaths left, plenty of herbal soaps and maple syrup.

Posted 12/11/2009 9:08am by Eleanor Kane.

We are open 6 days per week from 9am - dusk (about 4:30pm), closed on Mondays. Our newest patch still has Blue Spruce and Fir Balsam up to 7.5 foot tall. The trees do not always look as tall with the snow and the wide open space. It is not a bad idea to bring a tape measure. 

The road leading out to the newest patch is now frozen over in good shape and with the next few nights of very cold weather we expect it to stay hard throughout the weekend at least. 

Randy has continued to make fresh fir and blue spruce wreaths. We have a good supply of herbal cold process vegan soaps, glycerin soaps, local maple syrup, dried flower wreaths and several varieties of potatoes from Heron Pond Farm.

During weekends we warm up cider with spices for you at no charge. This weekend it will be nice to get warmed up after spending time out in the cold.  We have a bough pile for those that desire extra greens, netting for the trees, twine, and we supply hand saws.

We are located 2 miles west of the lee traffic circle off rt 4. About 1.5 miles from the circle a passing lane begins as you drive west and Warren road is located very soon after it closes back down to a single lane. Warren road is on the right hand side of route 4 as you drive west and there is a sign and flag where Warren road leads off the highway. The farm can not be seen from the highway as you must drive in 1/3 mile to the farm.

We do not use herbicides in our Christmas tree patches and our land is protected from development. Even if you don't find the perfect tree, have a cup of cider on us,(weekends), and we can give you names of other tree farms.

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