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Posted 6/15/2010 9:30pm by Heather Warren.

Wow, Earl is graduating from Highschool. We will close down the farmstand at 4pm tomorrow, Wednesday, to celebrate with family and friends. Friday we will resume regular hours which are Friday thru Sunday 9am to 4pm and Monday thru Thursday 9am to 6pm.

I will check back Friday afternoon with an update on the next planting of sugar snap peas and snow peas and let you know if they will be mature enough for picking beginning this weekend. 

Every morning and as needed during the day Randy pickes strawberries into quarts and pints for the farmstand. We don't run out of berries so don't worry if you can't shop until later in the day.

Posted 6/13/2010 7:18am by Heather Warren.

The demand for Sugar Snaps exceeded the amount growing in the first planting and we ran out of them Saturday afternoon!  Later this week the 2nd planting should be ready in addition to the row of snow peas. This is the first time we are offering snow peas and I think we will all enjoy them. I've never had fresh picked snow peas! 
Randy is picking strawberries this morning and I have picked spinach and lettuce. There are 1lb bags of garlic scapes on the stand along with a recipe for garlic pesto.  There will be a few bunches of swiss chard to start the day.

We still have tomato plants in 4" pots for $2 each and Lisianthus in 5 colors.

Posted 6/11/2010 6:18am by Heather Warren.

I started picking spinach late yesterday and expect to have it today and for the weekend at least. The Pick Your Own sugar snap peas are delayed by one week.  The demand for pre picked peas has been larger than expected, a good thing, however we need the whole row now. We were saving 2/3 of it for PYO. The next planting may be ready by next weekend and at the same time the snow peas should be starting as well.

This cooler weather is ideal for peas and greens and we will have swiss chard, 3 types of lettuce, spinach, sugar snap peas and fresh picked strawberries today and thru the weekend.

We are open today and the weekend 9am-4pm.

Posted 6/8/2010 8:47am by Heather Warren.

We have pints of fresh picked sugar snap peas ready. These are the edible pod Sugar Annes.  They are sweet and crunchyt. Beginning Saturday you can pick your own from the first of five plantings.  The farmstand is stocked with strawberries and lettuce too.

Posted 6/7/2010 1:36pm by Heather Warren.

We are open every day with fresh picked strawberries. The hours are Monday - Thursday 9am -6pm and Friday - Sunday 9am - 4pm. We have lettuce everyday however the swiss chard, beet greens and spinach are slow to mature. I have stopped picking them for a few days. We still anticipate opening up the Sugar Snap Peas for picking Friday or Saturday for PYO.

 We have stocked our shelves with local maple syrup from Spring Harvest Maple Farm.

FYI: The Barrington Farm Tour Day is the last Sunday in June from 10am - 4pm.  We will offer information about our farm and homemade strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream, chocolate dipped strawberries and two different raw berry pies.  Of course the farmstand will be stocked with fresh picked strawberries and raspberry season will have begun by then.


Posted 6/5/2010 7:18am by Heather Warren.

Randy got out this morning before the rain started and picked strawberries for the farmstand. We have many berries ripening in the field and will pick as needed throughout the weekend.  For today other vegetables at the farmstand include lettuce, beet greens and swiss chard.  Customers can pick their own rhubarb at no charge.

Plants for sale include 4" pots of tomatoes and perennial Rubeckia "goldilocks" and also Tithonia a 6' tall multibranching sunflower.  Fiber 6paks available include specialty cut flower Lisianthus, lettuce, basil and swiss chard.

There is a large selection of herbal infusion soaps in the soap rack. These soaps in the soap rack are unpackaged. I prefer selling unpackaged soap as it requires less inputs allowing for a lower cost to you. We do have a small selection of packaged soaps and also several designs of kosher glycerin soaps.

If you have questions email us at or call the farm phone at 868.2001



Posted 6/1/2010 8:31pm by Heather Warren.

This week we expect to be open Monday - Thursday 9am to 6pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm. We'll have lots of fresh picked strawberries every day. Red fire lettuce is ready and a limited amount of asparagus too.  Our strawberries are grown non-conventionally. They would not qualify for the high spray list called the dirty dozen of fruits and vegetables. The list called the dirty dozen is compiled from fruits and vegetables grown on very large conventional farms and does not pertain to the small farms of NH.  Ask us and we'll fill you in.

Check out the new Slow Food blog site where you can read and add your comment. The first discussion is titled "local or organic". I read a few of the comments and found them informative.

Customers can pick their own rhubarb at no charge.

The first planting of sugar snap peas are sizing up. We should be able to open it for Pick Your Own very soon.

This morning I finished planting the zinnias in the cut your own garden. There is now 8 varieties of zinnias totalling about 800 plants.

Posted 5/31/2010 6:59am by Heather Warren.

We are opening an hour earlier than we posted on Saturday because the strawberries are ripening in large amounts and its 8am and we have plenty picked already.

I have to go pick asparagus and lettuce too. I don't think we'll run out of strawberries but we have less than 10lbs of asparagus to sell and will run out of that. Red Fire lettuce is ready and soon spinach and swiss chard will be large enough to pick.

We still have plenty of tomato plants in 4" pots for $2 each and various vegetable and flower starts including 6paks of Lisianthus. They are 5 different varieties of Lisianthus which are Mariachi white, Mariachi blue, Echo blue, echo white, Echo Rose.

Yesterday I planted lots of flowers for the Cut Your Own garden and got in the last of my onions too.

Posted 5/28/2010 4:01pm by Heather Warren.

We will be open from 10-4pm on Saturday. We will start out the morning with only a few lbs of asparagus, a good amount of fresh picked strawberries, various tomato plants, lettuce and swiss chard starts, Genovese basil 6 paks, lisianthus 6 paks, 4" pots of calendula and Rubeckia "goldilocks".  We will also have a selection of packaged and unpackaged handmade soaps made right here in our farm kitchen.  All vegetable and Lisianthus flower starts are in biodegradable/compostable fiber containers, except for the tomatoes.

Sunday we will be closed and Monday, Memorial Day, we will be open 10-2pm with strawberries and more. The strawberries are really begining to ripen now and we expect to be open more next week, however the hours have yet to be determined.

Today we worked on mulching the garlic, finishing up pruning the raspberries, sowing sunflower seeds, cutting asparagus, mowing, stringing up the peas and paperwork. There is always paperwork.

We had a great time at our first Northwood farmers market yesterday. We saw many customers and made a few new ones I expect.  There was an amazing selection of perennial and annual flowers and vegetable starts. Dave from the Barrington castle had beautiful flowering plants and herbs and really neat mushrooms. There was also meats, jams, mustards, bakery products, fresh made soups, jewelry, herbs, goatsmilk cheeses and fudge and soap and don't forget the wines. Sandra Koski played guitar and sang great songs. She has a wonderful voice. I enjoyed making some new farmer friends.

Posted 5/27/2010 8:19am by Heather Warren.

The market opens at 3pm and goes to 6:30.  We will have asparagus, pints of fresh picked strawberries, rhubarb, redfire lettuce, tomato plants, lettuce and swiss chard starts, Genovese basil 6 paks, lisianthus 6 paks. We will also have a selection of our handmade soaps made right here in our farm kitchen.  All vegetable and flower starts are in biodegradable/compostable fiber containers, except for the tomatoes.

This is still early in the season for strawberries and I don't know much about the demand at this market. We may run short on fruit and vegetables or we may not.

I'm hoping next week to have spinach and swiss chard in addition to much more of everything we bring today except for asparagus. It may be slowing down.

I hope to see you there.

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