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Posted 7/2/2010 8:11am by Heather Warren.

We will close the beds for ripening at noontime. We have had a steady stream of pickers starting at 7am and the beds need to be shut down by 12.  Tomorrow morning, Saturday, we expect to have more good to very good picking in both beds beginning at 7am. I don't know if we will keep the beds open all day Saturday as it depends on the customer demand. Call before starting over if you can't be here early in the morning. 868-2001

Posted 6/30/2010 4:50pm by Heather Warren.

 We will be out of picked strawberries until Monday morning. If the strawberries follow the same pattern as last year they will increase in available amount and later in July we will have many more picked strawberries for the farmstand. We do have picked raspberries on the farmstand for $6/pint.

Thank you everyone that came by to pick berries on Wednesday! We had a great response from the email we sent out about the earlinesss of the raspberry season. As a result we picked down both beds.  There are many berries that need a little more time to ripen. We closed the top bed late  Wednesday morning for ripening and that is where we will have picking Thursday.. This top bed has three varieties that are ready, however it won't be excellent picking yet and if you want to pick large quantities we suggest waiting until Friday morning or sometime in the next few weeks.  On Thursday, or really any day, its always a good idea to call and check in case the beds are picked off. We will keep the newest bed closed all day tomorrow so it will be full of ripe berries Friday at 7am.

There are still lots of sugar snaps peas for picking and we pick them for the farmstand too.

The snow peas are winding down and the slugs are having a feast in them. We have them on the farmstand today, however we will be tilling them in soon. Peas are great for the soil as they store  nitrogen in little nodules called heterocysts on their roots. They have the ability, like other legumes, to gather or fix nitrogen from within the soil that will help future crops grow.


Posted 6/29/2010 8:36am by Eleanor Kane.


Pick Your Own Raspberry Season Has Begun


Raspberries are early this year and ready for picking now.   The early varieties have a very good berry set and they are ripening up quickly. The picking is good to very good in our early varieties and improving every day. We are in for some great weather this week and if we get an unusually large crowd we may have to close the beds for ripening. Both beds are ready now with three varieties at this point. Our hours are 7am -6pm Monday thru Thursday and 7am – 4pm Friday thru Sunday. Raspberries are $3 per pint. We also have very good picking on sugar snap peas and snow peas.


Posted 6/28/2010 6:02pm by Heather Warren.

We will open at 7am for raspberry picking and expect to pick everyday this week and thru the weekend. The season is just beginning. We picked today in the fog and humidity. Needless to say we did not have as much picked as we hoped. High humidity keeps people away.  We are in for a good patch of weather into the holiday weekend and will see the berries increase in available amounts as the week progresses. Pick Your Own pints cost $3 each. We still have many sugar snaps and snow peas for you to pick and we stock the stand with them too. Lettuce is running low and I may run out for a week or two.

Fresh picked strawberries will be on the farmstand at 7am. We have been running out each day lately. At some point we may get ahead of the demand as we were for the early part of June.

My sunflowers have been budded up for awhile and the first ones are almost ready to cut. This afternoon I began cutting the ornamental grass called Setaria. It has green and bronze foliage and long bronze panicles. If I pick it early the panicles are lime green! It is great as a fresh cut or dried. I've planted several succession plantings of it along with many plantings of various sunflowers. The first zinnias are blooming, which means I need to go out the cut off the flowers so they branch out resulting in loads more flowers.

Posted 6/27/2010 8:46am by Heather Warren.

Today we will offer strawberry shortcake with homemade shortcakes and whipped cream and of course our strawberries. Also have raw strawberry/raspberry pie and chocolate dipped strawberries. We will sell these items until they run out.  Today is the 2nd day of pick your own raspberries. Call if not arriving until later in the morning in case the patch is picked off as it is just beginning. 868-2001

No strawberries on the farm stand during  farm tour day as I am using them in the desserts.

Tomorrow, Monday, we will open at 7am for PYO raspberries and the patch should be loaded with raspberries. We will have pints of fresh picked strawberries on the farmstand beginning at 9am on Monday.

Posted 6/25/2010 6:43am by Heather Warren.

We will open one of our beds for picking Saturday. We are picking from the early varieties at this time. This means the picking will be limited as it always is at the beginning of the season and we don't expect to have picking all day. Sunday we will open the 2nd bed with picking on the early varieties. The raspberries will increase in amount with a few days. We usually get a solid 4 week season. 

Pick Your Own sugar snaps and snow peas are fast picking right now.  On strawberries Randy is picking today and tomorrow morning. As the june bearing berries slow down our availible amount each day will decrease which means we may run out of berries sometimes.

Sunday is Barrington's 3rd Open Farm Tour Day beginning at 10am until 4pm. I will offer fresh strawberry shortcake, raw strawberry and raspberry pie and if I have enough time, chocolate dipped strawberries. We will have maps here with directions to all the other participating farms.

Posted 6/24/2010 6:51am by Heather Warren.

Its almost time to begin picking raspberries but for now you'll just have to be content to pick sugar snaps and snow peas.  Perhaps by Saturday?  We will check the beds tomorrow, Friday and let you know. Randy is picking strawberries while I type and I need to go pick lettuce, swiss chard and peas for the farmstand here and also for the Northwood Farmers Market. Its the markets open house today and they plan on having music, face painting, chicken BBQ and more. I believe Sarazoe will be there from Seacoast Eat Local handing out the latest edition of Seacoast's magazine with all sorts of pertinent farm and food related information.


Posted 6/22/2010 2:01pm by Heather Warren.

Both types of peas are ready for picking. The snow peas are very tender and great for stirfries, soups or used raw in salads.  The sugar snaps are the edible pods and really tasty all by themselves or eaten with various dips such as hummus or cooked.  We have fresh picked pints of both peas on the farmstand along with large curly leaved heads of green lettuce.

The strawberries came back on and the stand is stocked with three varieties today. The raspberries are sizing up and later today Randy and I will check the beds in hopes of determing a start date. We do plan on picking some raspberries for the farmstand, however they will be mostly PYO.

Posted 6/20/2010 7:19am by Heather Warren.

We will be open today Sunday, Father's Day,  from 9am - 4pm and start the morning with fresh picked strawberries, a red and a green lettuce and pints of sugar snap peas.  We have a large supply of local maple syrup and handmade soaps as well.  I don't know if we will have strawberries all day as the picking is slow and the demand is high.  PYO sugar snaps are available and soon the snow peas will be mature enough for picking.

After 21 days of picking on the strawberries everyday we will close down tomorrow to allow further ripening and reopen at 9am Tuesday with picked berries.  The swiss chard is picked down at this time and all the spinach in the field has been harvested. It will be several days for the swiss chard to come back on and about 45 days for the new plantings of spinach.

We will spend Monday morning planting out the tomato plants for another "pick your own" patch.  The first PYO tomato patch we put in during mid May is coming along and has approx 900 plants of 16 varieties.

Posted 6/19/2010 10:15am by Heather Warren.

It is 1pm and we are out of picked strawberries for the first time this season as the demand for Father's day is great and the berries are not on full right now. We will open Sunday at 9am with picked berries however I am unsure how many will ripen today and overnight for tomorrows supply. In other words, tomorrow we may run out at some point.

We opened the 2nd planting of sugar snaps for pick your own today. The snow peas are not mature enough for picking quite yet.

We are waiting for the early raspberries to ripen. Could be a week, could be 10 days, mother nature will let us know.

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