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Posted 8/1/2010 7:40am by Heather Warren.

Today we have summer squash, zucchini, onions, garlic, picked tomatoes and fresh dug carrots. Our lettuce and spinach bolted mid July due to the heat and the swiss chard slowed down. I have some chard on the farmstand this morning but will probably run out at some point. I have to go check the beets, maybe they are large enough today. I've been waiting for weeks to pick this planting!

The Pick Your Own tomato patch is just coming on and had quite a few people yesterday resulting in low amounts of red ripe tomatoes today. The picking this early in the season is down in the center clusters so you have to get down low to find them and pull them out. We have 16 varieties to chose from. There are many tomatoes starting to turn a little red right now. Later this coming week or into the weekend there will be many tomatoes for picking. There are many tomatoes to come, the picking is just beginning.  If you are looking to pick green tomatoes for your relish etc then come on over as there are large amounts of those at $1/lb.

Sweet corn will start on Monday at 9am. The variety is Mauntoc and I'm probably spelling it incorrectly. It is bi-color, large eared and sweet. Randy enjoys picking his corn young, so if you are looking for over mature milky ears you will be disapointed.

I copied and pasted the following info from Slow Food's site as today is the picnic:

The 4th Annual Slow Food Seacoast Down-on-the-Farm Picnic brings home the idea of local food production at Lauren Chase-Rowell’s permaculture homestead in Nottingham, NH, with the theme of Weeds & Seeds! A Celebration of Summer’s Bounty. Come see how one family has created a low-impact living space that is sustainable, self-sufficient, and ecologically connected to the natural world. BYO picnic gear and a potluck dish to share, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in this diverse landscape with outdoor activities for all ages. This event will be held rain or shine. Click on our Events page for more information. P.S. Volunteers attend free!

Posted 7/28/2010 2:53pm by Heather Warren.

Randy made the decision to open the tomato patch for Pick Your Own beginning July 27th.  It is not ready for any large quantity picking quite yet but has enough for those wanting fresh tomatoes for salad or BLT sandwiches etc. We will let you know when there is enough for quantity picking. It may be loaded up as soon as this weekend.

Sweet corn will be ready sometime between Saturday and Monday.

Today we picked off the peaches. It is not a big crop this year at all. I expect we will sell all of them in a few days.  We don't spray our peaches with anything  The late freeze in May must be the culprit although the buds seemed undamaged at the time.  The peaches grew to about half size before most of them began dropping off the tree. I need to speak with a tree fruit specialist or seasoned grower to learn why.

We pulled our first onions and dug carrots yesterday and today. Our Warren farm carrots have lots of character. Gratefully they don't need peeling as it would be nearly impossible. I am posting a photo of them in the gallery. Although strange and funny looking they are very sweet.


Posted 7/27/2010 10:53am by Heather Warren.

We wish to thank our customers for a very successful raspberry season. The raspberry season is now over. We are open daily at our farmstand with tomatoes, carrots, summer squash, zucchini, pickling cucumbers, flowers, garlic and soap. We also have blueberries, honey, and maple syrup from neighboring farms. We anticipate the beginning of limited pyo tomatoes by this weekend and fresh picked sweet corn by Aug. 1st. Our fresh picked strawberries are struggling with the hot weather but are slowly getting more numerous. As this is the first hot summer wih this variety, we are unsure how soon we will be at full speed.

Posted 7/23/2010 2:37pm by Heather Warren.

The raspberrry beds are now at the stage of late season picking, which means there are berries but it takes alot of work to pick. We will allow picking for a few more days for those who still desire a small quantity of berries. Fresh picked raspberries have ended. We do have fresh picked blueberries from Emery Farm at our farmstand. Fresh picked strawberries are re-beginning and will be hit or miss for a few more days until we get quantities enough to keep the farmstand stocked. Our hours are Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm and Sat and Sun 9am to 4pm. We do have a bounty of summer squash, zucchini, pickling cukes, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic and swiss chard at our farmstand. Sweet corn and pick your own tomatoes will begin soon.

Posted 7/20/2010 8:50am by Heather Warren.

Beginning Wednesday July 21st the farm will open at 9am instead of 7am. We are not getting that many early raspberry pickers lately and we have a lot of vegetables to pick for the farmstand every morning. Our new hours beginning July 21st will be Monday thru Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am -4pm.

The raspberries still have fair to good picking and we expect to have these conditions for another week or so. This means there is plenty of berries, it just takes a little more time to fill your baskets. We've had a few customers this morning already pick 12 pints in less than 2 hours. Also I find that bending over and looking up under the leaves unviels a whole new cache of berries that most people don't see.  Children see these berries quite easily.

Strawberries will be back on the farmstand in good supply by August 1st. Our second planting of sweet corn will be ready sometime around August 1st and Pick Your Own tomatoes will begin about the same time. PYO tomatoes will be $1/lb. We have heirloom, sauce, red and yellow cherries, saladette and large salad types.   We lost our first planting of sweet corn to the weeds. Most farmers use an herbicide in their corn fields but we don't and during June strawberry season we did not cultivate it regularly and the weeds took over.

The sugar snaps are finished for now. We have more planted and growing in the field for late August? We hope to have more sugar snaps into the fall. We will see how they grow as this is the first time we have tried to have them late summer.



Posted 7/18/2010 6:49am by Heather Warren.

Although we are past the peak of raspberry season the picking is still good.  Raspberries can still be found in the Boyne, Latham, Killarney and Taylor rows. The Taylor need some pruning to be more prolific next year, however they still have berries.

The farmstand is stocked with fresh picked raspberries, a few strawberries and field picked lettuce, tomatoes, S.squash, zucchini, pickling cukes and fresh garlic.

I have been cutting big beautiful Sunbright sunflowers, small Sonya sunflowers and many other flowers from the cutting garden. Come on by for a sustainably grown bouquet. Compare the vase life and carbon footprint of flowers shipped from South America to our field grown flowers.

The Mustard Seed in Nottingham is holding the 2nd day of their open house.  Herb walk with Salandrea at 9am. Wetland and woodland walk at 10:15, Bear Paw at 11:30,  Protecting water and community at 12:15, Fantacide-killing yourself with food at 1pm, Aimee and Denny Perrin talk about their journey towards health and eating raw at 2pm,  Astrology intro @3:15pm, Letting go ceremony for rebirthing at 4:30pm, and rebirthing drumming circle at 5:15.  There is also activities including building fairy houses, chair massages, music, intuitive readings, and Salandrea's Eco-Farm Project. Bring family and friends!

Nottingham holds their farmers market today and I believe it is from 1pm-4pm.

Posted 7/15/2010 5:55am by Heather Warren.

We have very good to good picking on four varieties of raspberries which are Boyne, Latham, Taylor and Killarney.  The "Cut Your Own" Flower garden is open with beautiful zinnias in many colors and varieties, a blue and a pink salvia and an ornamental grass called Setaria. We have begun cutting our Sunbright and Sonja sunflowers and sell these at the farmstand.

Vegetables and fruit offered at the stand include sugar snaps, swiss chard, several varieties of tomatoes, pickling cukes, green peppers, summer squash, zucchini and fresh picked raspberries. The day neutral strawberries are sizing up and we expect the availibility to increase soon.

Raspberries are $3 pint for pick your own and $6 pint for pre picked. Tomatoes are$2.50/lb at the farmstand and cukes and S. Squash and Zucchini are $1.75/lb. Peppers are $2.50lb, sugar snaps are $3pint and swiss chard is $3 for a large bunch.

call the farm phone anytime at 868.2001 if you have questions.

Posted 7/11/2010 9:25am by Heather Warren.

The raspberry beds are absolutely loaded with ripe berries. The humidity has decreased and overall it is a beautiful day outside. The cost to pick your own is the same as last year, $3 per pint, which weighs at least 0.8lbs or more, well over 3/4 lb.  We hope we see you soon!

We have fresh picked vegetables too.

Posted 7/7/2010 7:08am by Heather Warren.

Our raspberries beds are loaded with berries. We are open every day all day. The heat has been keeping people away mostly and the  raspberries are not getting picked off. We grow our raspberries with "better than organic" methods. We grow using sustainable methods. Ask us, we love to talk about our farming methods.

this past Wednesday was the 1st Barrington Community Market held on the green at the Christmas Dove . The Dove  hosted the event and had Wayne from Maine entertain the parents and children with music. He really gets the kids involved. You should have seen them all dancing!

Barrington farmers set up their tents and sold fresh brocolli, cukes, tomatoes,  spinach, swiss chard, lettuce, eggs, raspberries, summer squash, zucchini, garlic, maple syrup, jams, flowers, plants and other in season vegetables. Also several Barrington artisans set up and offered their own hand made jewelry, beautiful photo cards and there was fresh baked products. Calef's country store had a table with beverages, hotdogs and their great sandwiches. Grolick's icecream was there and offered cold delights. I hope I am not forgetting to list anyone. Mark your calenders as this event will be held the first Wednesday of August and September from 5pm -7pm.  Each month will have different musicians hosted by the Christmas Dove. This is an opportunity for us as farmers to increase our customer base and for you as consumers to locate sustainably grown local food. I'm probably preaching to the choir here. Next month we hope to have meats and mushrooms added to the list of available products.

Posted 7/3/2010 4:57pm by Heather Warren.

It is Monday morning and Randy is picking strawberries for the farmstand. He may pick strawberries  today and then not tomorrow. We will see how many ripen as the day goes by. The everbearing/day neutral strawberries are very sweet and the quantity will increase throughout July. The bed looks healthy and we expect to be picking into October on them.

We opened Sunday July 4th at 7am with very good picking on our new Killarney raspberry bed. We did not have a large crowd at all and have excellent picking conditions in both beds today July 5th.  If you can not arrive until after 12 noon, please call first as we will shut down the bed for ripening if needed. I don't think that will happen as the 90 degree temps will ripen the berries quickly.  We expect to have wonderful picking all week and next week too.

The upper bed  has three varieties ready which include Killarney, Boyne and Revielle. The Latham are beginning and soon the Taylor will ripen.  The yellow raspberries have root rot and did not overwinter in good shape. There is very few yellows for picking this year.

At the farmstand we will have fresh picked raspberries, strawberries, sugar snack peas, swiss chard, lettuce, the first of our garlic, sunflower bouquets, maple syrup and hand made soap. We still have Lisianthus and Zinnias in 6 paks and 4" pots of Rubeckia "goldilocks".

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