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Posted 2/27/2011 8:05pm by Heather Warren.

Call the farm phone at 868-2001 if you want to come by and purchase our handmade soaps. We also have a supply of local raw honey and Barrington maple syrup. 

Randy is cutting firewood for selling. $130/cord you pick it up. 


Posted 1/12/2011 3:29pm by Heather Warren.

Randy and I wish to send a heartfelt thank-you to all of our customers/friends that frequented our farmstand throughout 2010. We could not do any of this without you!

Posted 12/18/2010 8:20am by Heather Warren.

It is nearing the end of the season and of course our selection of Blue Spruce and Fir Balsam in the fields is down from what we started with, however we are open for Cut Your Own trees and some folks still find the tree they want. We continue to have pre- cut trees at a reduced price behind the gift shop, Christmas wreaths, swags, dried flower wreaths, and a large selection of maple syrup and handmade soaps. Come by for a cup of hot spiced cider.

The tractor drawn hay wagon rides are finished for the season. 

FYI: After Christmas tree season is over Randy will  resume working up firewood for selling.  

I am planning  to keep our gift shop open beginnig mid January for several days per week. There is the possibility of bringing in much needed income thru doing so.  I continue to make plenty of soap and design dried flower arrangements and plan on continuing to sell fairtrade organic coffee, raw nuts etc.

Posted 12/10/2010 11:07am by Heather Warren.

The Hay wagon rides will continue thru this weekend. If it is raining or sleeting on Sunday we will not have hay wagon rides. If it is snowing we will.  It has been really cold, please wear lots of layers, better to be too warm than too cold.

There have been many trees cut from the patch and this season we no longer offer 9' tall trees.  We have Blue Spruce up to 7.5' tall now. We have a good amount of  Fir Balsam but due to the May freeze many of them are not as full as we would like. I think the selection of Fir Balsam is best at the  6'range.

The May freeze hit the Concolor firs really hard and there aren't any that look good this year. Fortunately the freeze only burned off this year's buds and next year they will all resume growth.

Randy has been making Christmas wreaths all week. You can be assured your wreath is the freshest available. We have a selection of door swags also.  

We have a large selection of handmade soaps sold as individual bars. I wrap each one separately with a name tag in tissue for you. Handmade soap is a wonderful teacher's gift and a great stocking stuffer. Our new tropical shampoo bar and tropical gourmet bar has been widely received.  

Our tomatoes will probably run out after this weekend. We still have plenty and they taste like summer tomatoes.  

Posted 11/18/2010 2:10pm by Heather Warren.

Our high tunnel is packed with field varieties of green tomatoes. These tomatoes are growing in the soil, not in pots and are packed with summer tomato flavor. We have tomatoes at the farmstand that will ripen anywhere from one day to several days for sale at $3/lb. If you need green tomatoes for relish etc we will pick them for you at $1.50/lb. These are great prices for November tomatoes! At some point in the near future it won't be worth the envestment to heat the high tunnel and they will end for the year. I'm always sorry to finish my last fresh tomatoes of the year. 

Saturday November 20th is the first Winter Farmers Market at Wentworth Greenhouse in Rollinsford.

Posted 11/10/2010 10:57am by Heather Warren.

Randy has already begun making Christmas wreaths and I will begin making kissing balls and swags later this week.  We cut greens daily thus assuring your product is the freshest available anywhere in the Seacoast. We are making various sizes of fir, blue spruce and white pine wreaths. Randy also makes wreaths with incense cedar and mixed greens. Specialty orders are encouraged. Call the farm phone at 868.2001 or stop in.  We offer our wreaths undecorated and decorated. I also sell bows, wreath decorations and seasonal bunches of dried flowers and greenery including German statice, preserved eucalyptus and boxwood.  We stock a large bough pile of greens at no charge for our customers beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving. At this time I am unsure if I will offer roping. 

New this year:  We are excited to offer hay wagon rides to and back from the Christmas tree patch on weekends. The dates we will offer these FREE wagon rides are as follows: 11/28 and the first three weekends in December.  If a family or group wants to reserve the wagon for a special outing, during weekdays only, you must call in advance.

Visit our farm stand/gift shop for complimentary hot cider on weekends beginning 11/27. Inside you will find many varieties of handmade soap, everlasting flower wreaths and bunches of dried flowers. New this year is a selection of raw nuts, tamari roasted almonds, fairtrade organic coffee beans, natural face and body lotions and Earl Grey Double Bergamot and Double Spice Chia tea.  

Beginning November 20th we will be open everyday, except Thanksgiving day, 9am - dark right up thru December 24th.  Mastercard/Visa and checks accepted.  Customer restroom handicap accessible.

New soaps this season include a Tropical Shampoo Bar and a Gourmet Full Body Bar. Both soaps are loaded with tropical nutrient oils that pamper your skin and hair. My vegan soaps don't contain synthetics or animal products and are made with natural vegetable oils. We do offer three goatsmilk soaps;  Rose, spice and patchoulli. 

Posted 10/26/2010 6:44pm by Heather Warren.

Yes, we are still open, just not every day for now.  As we begin preparations for Christmas tree season we are still stocking the farm stand with fresh produce five days a week. I have been making everlasting/dried flower wreaths and lots of herbal infusion soaps. I have added two new soaps to our line of herbal infusion bars. They are a Gourmet bar and a Tropical Shampoo bar. Both are chock full of nutrients and both have a light spearmint essential oil blend.

 Randy is still harvesting a few pints of strawberries, but only a few on most mornings. We have big heads of Buttercrunch and a Red Fire leaf lettuce, winter squashes, apples including Crispins, Golden Delicious, Macintosh and Cortlands. The crispiest apples are the Crispins and the Golden Delicious.  Also green or red or yellow peppers, garlic, Long Island Cheese pie pumpkins, gourds, carving pumpkins, regular type pie pumpkins, local maple syrup, Rosemary in 3" pots, Organic Fair trade coffee beans, several types of raw nuts and pure essential oils.  So come on by, we can't farm without you.

Posted 10/16/2010 3:28pm by Heather Warren.

Fire wood for sale: 16" cut and split - Green wood is 130.00/cord.  Dry wood is 170.00/cord. The wood is a real cord measuring 8'x4'x4'.  You pick up- no delivery. Call 868-2001 or email us at  Cash, local checks or visa/mastercard accepted.

Posted 10/15/2010 8:05pm by Heather Warren.

Beginning Monday October 18th we will close Monday and Tuesday of each week. At this time we are unsure how late into November we will be open. If we do close the farmstand for a few weeks in November we will re-open the weekend before Thanksgiving with our freshly made Christmas wreaths in preparation for our 2010 "Cut Your Own" Christmas tree season.  

Currently at the farmstand we have large beautiful "Red Fire" leaf lettuce, Red "buttercrunch" lettuce, tomatoes (red and green), garlic, butternut - buttercup and delilcata winter squash, large Long Island Cheese pie pumpkins, carving pumpkins and regular pie pumpkins, gourds, mini pumpkins, peppers, Macoun- Crispin- Macintosh- Cortland and Honey Crisp apples and although they have slowed down in quantity we still have our fresh picked day neutral strawberries first thing in the morning, dried flower bouquets, many varieties of soap and dried everlasting flower wreaths, maple syrup, raw almonds- cashews and walnuts, fair trade/organic coffee, essential oils in one ounce bottles, glycerin soaps and dried hot peppers.

Many of you know we had to put our wonderful dog Kyra of 15 years to sleep last month. Today my sister and I went to Cocheco Valley Humane Society and I got a new dog. She is a 6 month old black lab mix and her name is Daisy. She is extremely lovable and I can't wait for you to meet her.  She was slated for euthanasia in an Indiana dog pound when she was rescued by Cocheco and thus adopted by us. We are very grateful. 

This Saturday, October 16th is the first indoor market in the Northwood Masonic lodge on the corner of Rt 4 and 202. The market is from 9am - 12:30pm. We will be there with many of the vendors from the summer market. I hear there will be a few new vendors there also.

Posted 10/7/2010 10:44am by Heather Warren.

The farmstand now has Butternut and Buttercup winter squash and Heirloom Long Island Cheese pie pumpkins. As of now we have five varieties of apples for sale. We do not have pick your own apples. These apples are already picked and have been grown using better than certified organic methods. The new variety is Mutsu, named from its native Japan and also known as Crispin in the UK. It is a superb cooking apple and due to the large size it doesn't take many for a pie. 

We still have many vegetables including red tomatoes, sugar snap peas, strawberries and more. See the previous blog for a listing.

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