2014 Christmas Tree Season

Cut your own Christmas trees, hand made wreaths, pre-cut trees, door swags, gift shop with local products and handmade soap

The 2013 cut your own Christmas tree season will begin with Balsam fir, Blue Spruce and Concolor fir Christmas Trees. We have one of the best selections of trees that we have had in many years.

Tree height this year is up to 10' tall and the price for cut your own tree is $45.  We will have pre-cut trees ranging in price from $15 -$40.    

The farm shop will be open every day, except Thanksgiving Day, beginning Saturday November 22nd from 9am until dusk, with fresh made Christmas wreaths and swags.  We assemble various types of wreaths with fresh cut boughs from our fir balsam, Scotch pine, blue spruce, concolor fir and white pine trees.  We also make wreaths with a mixture of these greens and add Oregon Cedar,  holly, rosehips, pinecones, etc.  We sell wreaths undecorated or decorated. 

Always check the weather before heading out to the farm as it can be very windy and cold.  It is a pretty place to walk about and you can take your time, look over the trees and enjoy the outdoors.  People do bring their dogs, on a leash please.  We provide hand saws, twine for tying your tree to your vehicle and elastic trunk ties.  Chain saws are not allowed. After you have cut down your tree, we will pull the tree thru the netter which makes it easier to get into the house.    We can help you cut your tree if you need help and also we will help you tie it to your vehicle if needed.  We have a bough pile if you'd like some fresh greens for decorating.

After you have cut your tree come into the shop and enjoy a complimentary cup of spiced hot cider, and browse the Christmas wreaths, our own handmade soaps (packaged or not), glycerin soaps, maple syrup from Spring Harvest Maple Farm in Barrington, pottery and Scott Young's nature prints.

How is a tree from our farm different from the trees sold in the lots and big box stores? Unlike many Christmas tree farms, we do not use herbicides in our tree patches. This practice encourages a healthy ecosystem within our fields and also allows us to feel good about our management practices.   Your tree is dormant when cut.  When the tree is placed into your warm house it comes out of dormancy and requires water. Fresh cut trees have good needle retention and are not a fire hazard (it is nearly impossible to make a fresh cut tree burn with a match). On the other hand, trees sold in the lots and stores are usually from Canada or northern NH and Maine and may have been cut late September to early November and are stored in huge piles while waiting for shipment. These trees will usually begin to drop their needles once brought indoors, as too much moisture has been lost during storage.  If you want to cut your tree early but don't want to put it up yet, all you need to do is leave it outside in a shady spot or inside an unheated building. Your tree will stay dormant and when you are ready to bring it inside, saw a new slice from the butt-end to enable water uptake. Please understand that all fir trees replace their needles and will shed needles naturally. However a dry tree will shed many more needles at once. You should not be able to pull needles off a branch without effort. If they do pull or knock off that will clue you in to a very dry tree and a fire hazard. 

Significantly, tree farms absorb high amounts of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.  During the summer months our tree fields are full of bird species, native plant species, bees and other insects.  Cutting your own tree is great for the environment. It ensures farm land will stay open and not be developed.


Methods of payment

We accept credit cards, local checks, and cash.